Blockchain is the new internet. If you missed the opportunities the internet presented 20 years ago, here’s your redo! What you’re about to read is by far the best way to dive into blockchain and cryptocurrency (and possibly make a substantial amount of money in the process)! Get ready…

At the Blockchain Trust Group, we’ve been doing quite a lot of research and have come across something that we’re seriously impressed with, regarding which you are about to learn as well. Considering the kind of year we have all had and how some folks are suffering financially, this can really help everyone out.

We’ve discovered a company that offers an exciting, cutting-edge and risk free opportunity. It’s something that we don’t want you to one day say, why didn’t you share this with me? You be the judge of course, just know we consider this as the biggest no-brainer in the history of business. We do not say this lightly. There is no investment and therefore no risk or obligation. Any returns you get are then infinity returns. I hope you understand what that means. Please take the time to read this and feel free to call/contact us if you have any questions:

in a completely new way!

Have you heard of, or seen the acronym, IoT (Internet of Things)? Over 8.4 BILLION devices or THINGS connect to the Internet, RIGHT NOW! It is currently an $800 Billion dollar industry. In the next 5 years the industry is predicted to grow to a $3 TRILLION industry with 70 – 80 BILLION connected devices.

We have all heard about 4g and now 5g, which is exponentially more powerful than 4g. This is what’s making the IoT possible for large scale delivery. What would it have meant to you if you were one of the early $50,000 investors that helped fund the placement of cell towers around the country, especially knowing how successful that was? Well, this is not unlike what we are sharing with you now.

The internet was a system for people to communicate with people. Now there is the IoT, the Internet of Things which enables devices to communicate with each other. This is the system utilizing the power of the 5g network, combined with Blockchain Technology, to connect ultimately trillions of devices and systems, like driverless cars, smart home devices like refrigerators, scooters, you name it. Driverless cars use the IoT system to do it all. The investment industry calls it TaaS (Transportation as a Service). Hedge Fund managers like Whitney Tilson in his Empire Financial newsletter say that one day it will be more expensive to own a car, than it will be to call up a driverless car from a cell phone app when you need to go somewhere, and it’s not that far away from becoming reality. Tesla already has the technology, and it is going mainstream! This is just one of the myriad of ways the IoT will enable control of devices of all kinds that are connectivity enabled to your phone or computer.

What we are sharing with you is a company called iHub Global. iHub Global is utilizing the blockchain (cryptocurrency) technology developed by a company called Helium. They are creating the connectivity / infrastructure for this very system, the IoT, and iHub Global is the only company affiliated with Helium to provide this infrastructure at present. It is not unlike owning one of the very first cell towers as they were being installed, the only difference being is you do not have to invest or risk a penny to take advantage of what they’ve created.

This is quite simple! In fact, it’s the simplest thing we’ve seen yet in the world of business. Just go here to learn more and then register. During that process, you will be reserving a device (a small box) that is a Helium Coin Cryptocurrency Miner. In a few months you receive your device, you plug this baby in, give it a little time to sync up, and every month you will earn Helium Coin which you can allow to accumulate or turn it into cash for spending. It’s the closest thing to a money printing machine you will ever see, all from the comfort of your own home, and all passive!

Look at the miners as a device that facilitates a transaction on which users pay a fee, and that fee is in part paid back to you for owning the miner, the hardware that makes it possible. You are paid in the Helium Cryptocurrency sent to your electronic wallet (think your bank account access online), which unlike our fiat US dollar has the potential to increase in value, rather than be virtually worthless as the US dollar is. You are in a very real sense, mining for gold without having to shovel or swing a pickaxe. We have not seen anything simpler and it’s all passive income.

On average the miner will create 100-300 coins per month, depending on location, and you get to keep up to 25% of that every month. Whatever amount of coins you accumulate, it’s free money for becoming the proverbial cell tower (my analogy) and a sort of founder of the infrastructure. The most you will have to do is pay for the shipping cost of the mining device (about $30 when the device is ready to ship in 2-3 months) to have this $500 unit sent to you, which you are getting for free, and a deposit once the unit is ready to ship. The deposit (about $50 when the device is ready to ship in 2-3 months) is refundable once you plug in and activate the unit. This to ensure they aren’t just shipping out $500 units around the globe to people who will not even plug them in, and therefore can never be paid for. No one makes any money unless these units are plugged in and actively producing.

The units used to cost $500, however, iHub received a new round of financing making it possible to receive these crypto miners at no cost. No cost equals no risk (which is really no risk at all anyway), as the financing company was more than happy to be paid through the same mining process you would be paid. The result, overrides are now higher, no risk to you or anyone else, thus creating no barrier to entry and maximum expansion potential to develop the network / infrastructure at a much faster pace.

The coin is currently valued at about $13.92 each and is estimated by some to have a future value of $1,500 per coin as the infrastructure continues to develop over time. If all you did was earn 40 coins a month for 3 years, that’s 1,440 Helium Coins. Here’s what that would be worth at the following values:

  • 1,440 @ $100 per = $144,000
  • 1,440 @ $500 per = $720,000
  • 1,440 @ $1,000 per = $1,440,000
  • 1,440 @ $1,500 per = $2,160,000

(Download the Coin Market Cap app to your smartphone and you can see Helium for yourself and keep track of its value)

Now, we cannot promise you the coin will reach that value, but if all it ever did was stay where it is now, that is an extra $348 to $1,044/month, more or less, that you did nothing for except plug it in for a cost of about $1.00 per month. This is not like a power-hungry Bitcoin miner. This uses radio frequencies to accomplish its task. What we can tell you is that fortunes have been made in crypto and here is a chance for you to be involved in one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in history… risk free!

We believe it to be the future of decentralized currency transactions and many other use cases, and when there is a special, proven and solid use case like Helium has, we do not see how it cannot be much more valuable than it is today. We intend to hold and accumulate for that future value, but you can do whatever you like with the coins. We are prepared to help anyone navigate this world if indeed they are not familiar with it.

One last thing: If you simply share this with your friends once you receive your own link upon registering, you will earn overrides on whatever coins are generated by their machines. This money comes out of the other 75% or so retained by the company. How might that boost your coin count and explode the ultimate value of your account? Remember, there is no cost to be part of this. You get the same website we have sent you at no cost and no annual fees to keep it.

There are some upgrades you may want to utilize, but you are not obligated to do them. One such upgrade is the Pro version to the free HeliumTrack software which is built into your replicated website. If you choose to upgrade to HeliumTrack Pro the cost is $299/year or you may pay $39 a month. Although you can do without the upgrade, the upgrade is extremely powerful and enables you to validate your hotspots, develop hotspot strategies, it has extensive reporting capability for knowledge and as a marketing tool, hotspot monitoring and alerts, and much more.

So, no cost at any time unless you choose to be able to validate unlimited addresses. Validation is not necessary to do this, but advised, as these units need to be 300 meters apart. For those not inclined to upgrade, simply pay for it once you’ve accumulated enough Helium Coins, which will only take about one month anyway after the miner has been activated and producing. The key is not to get bogged down in the thick of things. This is a simple business that anyone can do regardless of experience or lack thereof.

You get ten free validations when you register and using five of them within 90 days ensures the 25% pay out of coins on your personal device, so please use them right away. As mentioned, the miners used to cost $500 and recoup took on average about 2 months or less, but the company has received a new round of financing and made the strategic decision to make the units free to all participants. Now think about that for a minute. Who would lend them millions of dollars on an ongoing basis if the lender weren’t certain they would get their money back on a predictable schedule due to the performance of the miners from past history?

Put another way, is there any reason you can think of why you would NOT want a cash machine in your home if you knew you had nothing to risk? Exactly! And you can and should enroll here today to reserve your miner/cash machine, as it takes 2-3 months to receive due to chip shortages and shipping delays. Once you receive your machine, be sure and contact us/call at 1-612-888-REGA at the number below so we can help you get set up properly.

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Thanks… and let’s do this!!!